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Ps. Yudah Soetopo

Lead Pastor

Yudah has been part of the leadership team of Melbourne Praise Centre since 1993. He was ordained to become Minister of Melbourne Praise Centre in 1998. As Minister, he is responsible for all aspects of the church vision, including leadership, preaching, teaching, external relationship and networking. Yudah has Diploma of Ministry from Tabor College and is passionate in rising up a new generation of disciples of Jesus.
He is married with Anna and has two daughters. She is a member of the Leadership Team and has taken on a ministry to the elderly as well as Children ministry. She is the Sunday School Coordinator and teacher.

Leadership Team

Anna Soetopo

Edwin Laurents

Evo Pasaribu

Flora Hartono

Ingeliana Ng

Jaizen Sutioso


July Teh

Kornelius Yap

Rudy Hartono

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